Best FOREX Brokers

Doing a FOREX Broker Classification, in which to choose the Best FOREX Brokers, is really difficult. There are FOREX Brokers that could enter the list for being ECN or STP, others should be for their treatment to the client, and others for their low spreads; but, without a doubt, the most important thing is reliability and the treatment of the traders.

Best Indicators in Forex

There is no best FOREX indicator. We’re afraid that there is nothing to be done in case you’re looking for the ultimate perfect indicator or one that only gives winning signals. However, there are many good technical indicators providing with great results if you wish to engage in FOREX trading.

What Are Price Channels And How Can You Use Them?

Finances and trading is a very complicated industry thanks to the many factors that directly affect the values in it. To offset that, history has given birth to several tools for traders to identify tendencies and clues that can help them to predict what will happen next. Thanks to these tools, investors around the world have been able to manage risks and choose the correct assets in which to invest, making them fundamental for success. And, one of those tools is what’s known as a price channel. What is a price channel? A price channel is an indicator. Indicators are “add-ons” for charts that allow for people to have a better view on what they say. They are used to measure the conditions in the market, giving the right signals and symbols to understand said conditions. Any trader worth his money can identify when certain indicators are better than others, as each one is better for specific goals. In this case, we are talking about price channels, which are often used for identifying trends and possible directions to be taken by an asset’s value. Why are they important? The first thing that anyone expecting to trade, whether stocks, FOREX, or…

What Makes a Good FOREX Trader?

FOREX trading, although very profitable, can be a very hard industry for finding success. With millions of investors exchanging assets on a daily basis, and more coming in every day, the opportunities are everywhere. Nevertheless, as we mentioned, FOREX can be very challenging, specially for someone with little experience in finances; that is, unless you have some specific sets of skills in your portfolio.

How To Set Good Trading Goals

Being a good trader is not only about knowing how to work and when to enter or exit trades. You can be a trend-analyzing genius; you may even be able to predict every single step an asset’s value will take. However, if you don’t have a realistic set of goals established, we’re you won’t get very far. Being able to set your goals is as important (and, sometimes, as difficult) as trading itself. When setting up goals, you must keep in mind a lot of things like how experienced you are, how much starting capital you have, and how much time you can dedicate to trading and studying.